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Nonie: An Autobiography and Biography of Lenora Mattingly Weber eBook

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Nonie: eBook! check out the Amazon Kindle version of the Autobiography of Lenora Mattingly Weber NONIE! The first part of Nonie is in Lenora Mattingly Weber's voice, as first written under the working title, If You Sell a Story Mother... It is clearly LMW speaking with the beloved warmth of her heart fully unveiled. The second part of Nonie is biographical as told by Ms. Weber's journalist son, David. It is crafted with the same Weber warmth, love, and eye for detail. You will embrace LMW as never before once you complete this story of her life. You may cry as you laugh but you will know you are alive as you feel the sorrows yet celebrate the joys of this woman whose door to her heart was never closed. Dick Kreck of the Denver Post wrote the following in 2002 when Nonie was initially released in print form: "The woman behind the immensely successful Beany Malone books is herself the subject of a new book. Lenora Mattingly Weber authored 14 volumes in the Beany series of books for girls and, in her spare time, rode in Wild West shows and raised six children ... Nonie chronicles the author's childhood journey when the family homesteaded in Kansas and her days in Denver during the Depression and World War II." (Kreck, Denver Post.)
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