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IMAGE CASCADE: Publisher of fiction from the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s! We have many of your favorite girls fiction books and series - and more to come! Image Cascade publishes heart warming stories of family, love, and timeless values!

The Image Cascade Bookstore is filled with books that are fun and uplifting to read. Our authors have written novels that are rich with nostalgia, true to life social and dating situations, strong families, and, of course, love and romance. This is the cornerstone of Image Cascade. There is something for everyone - tweens to teens, young adults to adults. Our authors' stories have the ability to warm your heart and relax your soul. Each story produces an image of a special, warm, and fulfilling era. Malt shops, heart hops, old jalopies, bobby socks, bobby pins, a pie browning in the oven...

Come home to Image Cascade. Our authors have made it a good place to be.

READ ALL ABOUT IT! Image Cascade was featured in: The New York Times article by Joanne Kaufman.

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Image Cascade: In the image of girls - in a timeless era.