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Helen Dore Boylston Books

Helen Dore Boylston Books
Helen Dore Boylston was an author of girls series books in the 1930s to 1950s. Her popular Sue Barton nursing series and Carol Page books remain well loved favorites among readers of juvenile girls fiction and young adult literature. Helen Dore Boylston also collaborated with good friend Rose Wilder Lane on a book about their European travels in the 1920s.

Ms. Dore Boylston's vivacious red-headed Sue Barton is funny, talented, and destined for adventure and romance in her nurse's training and career. Sparkling quick witted dialogue against a realistic back drop of a nurse's life make this series a stand out favorite among readers of nursing series.

Ms. Dore Boylston's Carol Page series is a well crafted, realistic depiction of life in the theatre for a young, promising actress. The author consulted a famous Broadway star of the 1930s in her quest to portray Carol Page's struggles and successes in New York City. By all accounts, Helen Dore Boylston succeeded in creating an authentic and heart warming story of a girl's rise to success on Broadway. This series is sure to inspire young girls to reach for the stars and achieve their ultimate objectives.

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