First Love True Love (Pat Marlowe Series) by Anne EmeryZoom

First Love True Love (Pat Marlowe Series) by Anne Emery

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Pat Marlowe, high school junior, is the sort of girl who likes to do things for people. For instance, her best, friend, Connie, likes Pat's brother, Mike. So Pat tries to promote a romance. When a would-be author, knowing that Pat's mother is a professional writer, asks for her manuscript to be read, Pat recklessly offers her help and immediately gets into hot water. Now, with the beginning of her junior year, Pat has a definite problem of her own. The boy she dated in her sophomore year is away at college, and she is feeling left out. When attractive Tim Davis shows an interest in her, she is torn between doubt as to her obligation to the other boy and her desire to have dates. Pat's choice in romance becomes more serious... maybe a little too serious for a junior in high school! With the Senior Prom approaching, Pat is a bit older and wiser than she was at the beginning of the year!
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