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Ginnie and Geneva 10 Book Set

Ginnie and Geneva 10 Book Set
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Great series for readers ages 7 to 12+

After traveling with her mother and father for the first nine years of her life, Georgina Fellows, known as Ginnie, is able to attend school for the first time. Ginnie is shy and feels a bit timid about joining the fourth grade class at Lincoln Grammar School. After a few ups and downs, Ginnie ultimately makes friends with her classmates. Ginnie's best friend is mischievous tomboy, Geneva Porter. Her other close friend, Anna, is an orphan who is adopted by Ginnie's grandmother. The series has a lovely, warm feeling of family, friends, and a happy state of well being. As Ginnie and Geneva mature, they begin exploring activities such as babysitting, cooking, and solving mysteries! The 10 Book Set includes:

Ginnie and Geneva; Ginnie Joins In; Ginnie and the New Girl; Ginnie and the Mystery House; Ginnie and the Mystery Doll; Ginnie and Her Juniors; Ginnie and the Cooking Contest; Ginnie and the Wedding Bells; Ginnie and the Mystery Cat; Ginnie and the Mystery Light.

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