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Ginnie and the Wedding Bells

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Ginnie is delighted when she is asked to be a junior bridesmaid. But her joy is short-lived. Her first shock comes minutes after reading the invitation. A hard-packed snowball, tossed in fun by her friend Geneva, strikes her on the cheekbone, grazing her eye - which begins to turn black. A bridesmaid with a black eye! Impossible! There is nothing to do but to cancel plans for joining the wedding party. That calamity, however, is only the beginning. One crisis follows on the heels of another as Ginnie and her parents arrange to attend the ceremony as guests of the groom. The Christmas wedding is to be held in Nantucket. They plan to go by plane, but the weather is uncertain. Then Ginnie seems to be coming down with a virus - and at the last minute, the cat has kittens, which cannot be found! Will Ginnie and her family be able to get to the wedding after all?
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