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Happy Landing by Lenora Mattingly Weber

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The McGrails are a motherless family. Seventeen year old Martha, the eldest of the family, does her best to keep the family together while Father is off in a plane somewhere in Dutch Guiana, or goodness knows where! This is a difficult task for Martha as the town's leading citizen wants to adopt Dakin, the young genius violinist. Someone else wants Tommy who keeps toads in his pockets and goldfish in a sugar bowl. The doctor wants Chatty so that he can experiment on her crippled leg, and dull, stolid Fred Schef wants Martha for his wife. Chatty calls all of them, "The Wolf Pack" as they constantly threaten to separate the family. But "Cousin" Duncan keeps the Wolf Pack at bay when it threatens to close in. A chuckling story of a family who raise sheep, knit socks, and play and sing to keep themselves together. A wonderful stand alone book by LMW!
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