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That Archer Girl by Anne Emery

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That Archer Girl, by Anne Emery. Seventeen, slim, blonde, bright, and beautiful - that's the Archer girl. She has aquamarine eyes fringed with thick, dark lashes; she wears expensive clothes from the "smartest" shops; she drives her own Thunderbird convertible; she's the only child of Lakeside's wealthy, most important family. Anne Archer has everything that a girl could possibly want, except true friendship and true love.

During her senior year at Auburn Academy, a private girls school in an exclusive Chicago suburb, Anne contemplates her problems. The question is, will she ever realize that many of them are of her own making? A girl can have stunning, alluring beauty and every material object imaginable, but without the unconditional love of sincere parents and friends, it is difficult to feel genuinely secure. Though Anne Archer may be the source of her own problems, the reader may see the root of her difficulties is in her own home. Even best friend Christie Cochran and good looking Ron Harper are not safe from Anne's manipulations to prove herself to the world. And manipulating can be an explosive maneuver.

A girl might think that she would want to trade places with That Archer Girl, but there is no substitution for loving, supportive family and friends. Reading about Anne Archer reminds the reader of the truly important things in life. Softcover edition.
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