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Vagabond Summer by Anne Emery

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At 17, Peg Madison, though talented in art, still has no idea of what she wants to do with her life. She feels as though she'd like to get away from it all. When a friend casually suggests a youth hostel trip, she immediately decides that here is the answer. With the money she has saved all year long and with her parents' somewhat reluctant consent, she sets off in blithe confidence. With travels through Washington, D.C., Colorado, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Vancouver, Banff National Park, Montreal, and New York, Peg and the young, hostel group have hilarious adventures mixed with a little romance! And though Peg had not planned to pursue her art studies during the trip, an attractive boy takes note of her talent and suggests that Peg illustrate the book he is writing on hostel trips. Will there be competition for the job when another hosteler takes an interest in illustrating the book?
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