Beany Malone Trivia Answers - Check Your Beany Knowledge!

Beany Malone Trivia Answers - Check Your Beany Knowledge!
Check your knowledge of Beany with the Answers to Beany Malone Trivia!

1. What is Mary Fred's friend Lila's last name? Sears

2. How much did Mary Fred pay down on Mr. Chips? $15

3. What was the name of the woman whose eggs Johnny broke? Mrs. Thompson

4. Jock and Lorna's great uncle had 2 different names in 2 different books. What are the names? Mat and Charley

5. What was Nonna's maiden name? Gaylord

6. In Meet The Malones, Mrs. Socially Prominent Adams is referred to by her husband's name? She is Mrs. **Morrison** Adams.

7. How many egg whites in a Lady Eleanor cake? 15

8. What is the name of the campus newspaper at "The U"? The Pioneer

9. What color beanie did freshmen at "The U" have to wear? Green

10. What was the name of the Malone family doctor? Hunter

11. What did Adair have as a decoration on her key chain? Turquoise

12. What musical instrument did Jock get as a birthday present? Ocarina

13. What class did Johnny and Kay share at Harkness? Glee Club

14. What relative did Cousin Sheila live with when she first came to the US? Great Uncle Mat

15. What award was Johnny trying to win for Emerson Worth? Golden Spur

16. What was the name of Eve Baxter's housekeeper? Araminta

17. What did Johnny name his jalopies? Insomnia and Blue Monday

18. What kind of rosebush was mentioned by name in BATBR? Three Sisters

19. Where did Elizabeth, Don and Martie move when they left Denver? Arizona

20. How much did the Malones pay to get Quaker back for Ander? $90.00

21. What was the name of the man they bought him from? Oliver Hart

22. What was Miss Opal's last name? McAfee

23. What did Miss Opal and Beany leave as gifts for the owners of the cabin in Utah? Canned peaches and scented soap

24. What did Fay Maffley tell Beany to use to remove freckles? Almond Meal

25. In which book did Mr. Chips die? Beany Has a Secret Life

26. Name the stable where Mary Fred taught riding lessons. Hilltop

27. What two different first names were given as Eve Baxter's real first name? Evelyn and Evangeline

28. What brand of cosmetics did Mary Fred buy from the door to door saleswoman? Tres Jolie

29. How long did it take Beany and Kay to walk to school together? 12 minutes

30. What was the name of the Veterinarian in Beany Has a Secret Life? Dr. Sackman

31. What kind of job did Andy have when he worked at the Park Gate? Bus Boy

32. What was The Bitter One's real name? Mr. Greenlie

33. Beany wanted to attend the annual convention for which school newspaper association? Quill and Scroll

34. What extraneous ingredient did Eve Baxter think that her housekeeper put in coffee? Geranium leaf, nutmeg, and sachet powder

35. What were the first names of Norbett's aunt and uncle? Nate or N.G. and Mae

36. What was the Drama teacher's full name? Melinda Page

37. What street did Dulcie live on? S. Wyman

38. What perfume did Dulcie wear on her first day at Harkness? Heavensent

39. What did Miss Hewlett call Dulcie's mascara? Axle Grease

40. What church did the Malones attend? St. Marys

41. What teacher supervised the Hark Ye staff? Mrs. Brierly

42. What color was Helena Sterns Lincoln? Amethyst

43. What was the name of Sir Echo's sire? Sir Amber

44. Who was the Society Editor for The Morning Call? Dorothy Cobb

45. Name the male half of the couple who rented the Carmody farm? Orville

46. What was the name of Helena Sterns Uranium Company? Mid Century

47. Name the cabin that Elizabeth and Don inherited? Haven in the Pines

48. What was the name of the fictional town closest to the cabin? Enid

49. What liqueur did Beany drink at the Veraldi-DiJulio wedding? Anisette

50. What were the first names of "the gigglers" from the Ho Hos? Sherry and Pam

51. Beany wore the amethyst and opal pendent on three separate occasions, what were they? Actually there were 4, a high school dance, Dulcie's wedding, Dulcie's dinner party and her own wedding

52. What was the street address of Joe and Kay's basement apartment? 1991 S. Barbarry

53. What was Judge Buell's first name? Joe

54. How many charms were on Kay's bracelet? 6

55. What were they? 2 baseballs, 2 footballs, 2 basketballs

56. What street did the Buells live on? Laurel Lane

Bonus and Tie Breaker Questions from Nonie and the Belford Series

57. What name got stamped on Katie Rose's sneakers? William J. Purdum

58. What was the first book that Fabian gave Stacy to read? Let The Hurricane Roar

59. Who was the matriarch of Fabian's duck family? Mrs. Lauderbach

60. Where else could you find wallpaper like that in the Belford half-a-bath? French Embassy

61. Who was the plumber who installed the half-a-bath? Leo Callahan

62. What street did the Kinkaids live on, before they moved to Harmony Heights? Downing

63. Who was Nonie's fictional servant? Annabelle

64. What was Nonie's tentative title for her autobiography? If You Sell a Story, Mother...
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