Lenora Mattingly Weber Books

Lenora Mattingly Weber Books
Beloved author of the Beany Malone series, Lenora Mattingly Weber wrote many books and short stories throughout the 1940s and 1950s. Her heart warming stories and endearing characters continue to be enjoyed by a new generation of readers as well as by lifelong Weber fans.

The Beany Malone series has one of the most endearing family of characters of the malt shop era. The reader feels that she is living among the characters, sitting at the kitchen table, and walking the halls of Harkness High.

Weber shows her range in her creation of another Denver family, the Belfords as well as in her well developed non-series books.

Lenora Mattingly Weber's characters are true to life, never perfect, always well meaning, and as 3-dimensional as the family next door.
Now available: One Woman's World: The Columns of Lenora Mattingly Weber by Lenora Mattingly - Editor Betsy Edgerton has compiled a long awaited collection of LM Weber columns!

Book Description: Lenora Mattingly Weber (1895-1971) was best known for her mid-20th century girls book series, especially those about independent girls such as Beany Malone and Katie Rose Belford. Weber was an industrious widow with six children, who also had a lesser-known career as a magazine columnist. From 1946 to 1967, Weber wrote "Mid Pleasures and Problems" for Extension, a monthly Catholic magazine in the mold of the Saturday Evening Post. In her columns, she commented on the social issues of a large swathe of the 20th Century. In the 1940s, she described post-World War II life; in the 1950s she ruminated on the pros and cons of working mothers; and in the 1960s, she addressed Catholicism after Vatican II as well as racism and segregation. Her fans have brought her girls series books back into print, spurring a mini-Weber renaissance of her fiction. However, the 266 columns she wrote for Extension magazine have remained all but lost. Until now. This collection, curated and edited by Betsy Edgerton, contains 50 of Weber's best columns and showcases her most personal writing.

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