Featured Books

Featured Books
The Sue Barton Series by Helen Dore Boylston

Pam and Penny Howard Twins 1950s Heading to the Diner!

There are so many great books, series, and authors - Lenora Mattingly Weber, Catherine Woolley, Alice Ross Colver, Janet Lambert, Rosamond du Jardin, Sally Watson, Helen Dore Boylston, Anne Emery and their Beany Malone, Sue Barton, Tobey Heydon, Penny Parrish, Ginnie Fellows, Joan Foster - and the list goes on. It is hard to decide what to feature! This month we present some of our readers' favorite series, books in greatest demand, with a focus on love & friendship! We think you will enjoy them all!

Check back often for new features. And let us know which book or series is YOUR favorite!
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