Jordon Family Series 9 Book Set

Jordon Family Series 9 Book Set

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The 9 Book Jordon Set includes:

Just Jenifer

Fridays Child

Confusion by Cupid

A Dream for Susan

Love Taps Gently

Myself and I

The Stars Hang High

Wedding Bells

A Bright Tomorrow

The Jordons are a large military family. General Jordon, a widower with two children–Jenifer and Peter–marries a woman who has two daughters–Gwenn and Alice. From this marriage, an additional four children are born: twins, Susan and Neal, Vance, and Bitsy. General Jordon's second wife dies as does the General's brother and sister-in-law. The General's nephew, Donny, then joins the Jordon family creating a family of ten–the General and his nine children.

As the General is often away, the eldest child, Jenifer, must care for the entire family. This is the point at which the series opens. Mrs. Lambert's writing maintains a steady timeline as the Jordon children become adults, enter their careers, marry, and raise their own children.

The Jordon family's adventures, heartaches and loves are intertwined with that of the Parrish family throughout the series creating a very rich, amalgam of stories and characters.
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