Katie Rose Belford Set

Katie Rose Belford Set

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The Katie Rose & Stacy Belford Series by Lenora Mattingly Weber: 8 Book Collection. The Katie Rose Belford/Stacy Belford series is a story of a large family in Denver. Rose Belford (formerly Rose O'Byrne from the farming town of Bannon) supports her six children by playing the piano at a club named Guido's Gay Nineties Club. Katie Rose finds this a source of embarrassment as is indicative of her personality. Stacy, on the other hand, (who is the rather happy-go-lucky younger sister of Katie Rose), feels no shame for the status of her family. Ben is the oldest Belford and is rather serious, taking on the man-of-the-family role. The three youngest Belfords are always grouped together as "the littles"-- Matt and Angela (Jill) are eleven year old twins and Brian is ten. Katie Rose's best friend is Jeanie Kincaid. Jeanie lives next door to Beany (Malone) and Carlton Buell and the girls occasionally babysit for Beany's children as well as Johnny and Miggs Malone's children. Books 1 through 4 focus on Katie Rose. Book 5 is equally divided between Katie Rose and Stacy and Books 6, 7, & 8 are about Stacy. The Collection includes the following titles:

Don't Call Me Katie Rose

The Winds of March

A New and Different Summer

I Met a Boy I Used to Know

Angel in Heavy Shoes

How Long Is Always

Hello My Love, Goodbye

Sometimes a Stranger
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