Rosamond du Jardin Non-Series Books

Rosamond du Jardin Non-Series Books

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The DuJardin Non-Series Books include:

Someone to Count On

Young and Fair

Junior Year Abroad

Three Stand Alone Books by Rosamond DuJardin.

Someone to Count On. The summer of Twink's junior year at high school stretched ahead. She hoped for a job but so far none was in sight. After deciding that it was a mistake to "go steady" she broke it off with Ronny. Although there might be lonely evenings ahead, at least life would have more variety...and variety there was!

Young and Fair. Lissa Powell has always wondered who she really was. Discovered by her foster parents when she was about four during the Chicago fire of 1871, the story begins when she is sixteen years old and forced to go out on her own when her foster mother dies.

Junior Year Abroad. Authors: Rosamond du Jardin and Judy du Jardin. The story of an American girl's year of study in France During her junior year at Park College, Missouri, Judy du Jardin, daughter of author Rosamond du Jardin, studied in France for a year at Aix-en Provence.
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