Sue Barton Series 7 Book Set by Helen Dore Boylston

Sue Barton Series 7 Book Set by Helen Dore Boylston

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A seven volume story that follows the life of vivacious, red-headed Sue Barton through her exhilarating training and career as a nurse. Sue's humor and great heart see her through the rigors of her profession as well as the trials of her personal life. Her determined struggle to maintain her independence gives her the strength to weather the occasionally bumpy road of a young woman seeking a life long dream of a nursing career.

Coming from rural New Hampshire, Sue enters the large city hospital nursing program where she befriends Katherine Van Dyke (Kit) and Connie Halliday. Sue and her friends are dedicated to their training yet manage to stumble into hilarious mischief from time to time. Their clever, bantering dialogue is a continuous thread throughout the stories which is certain to leave readers in stitches. Romance manages to find Sue in the hospital when she meets handsome surgeon, Dr. Bill Barry. Sue's many career choices as a nurse conflict with Bill's idea about their relationship leaving Sue in a dilemma as she plans her future. Through it all, it is Sue Barton's gift for understanding people and seeing the good in all that provides her the direction she needs in finding the right path to follow. The seven book set includes:

Sue Barton, Student Nurse

Sue Barton, Senior Nurse

Sue Barton, Visiting Nurse

Sue Barton, Rural Nurse

Sue Barton, Superintendent of Nurses

Sue Barton, Neighborhood Nurse

Sue Barton, Staff Nurse
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