Tippy Parrish 8 Book Series

Tippy Parrish 8 Book Series

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The Tippy Parrish Set: A collection of some of Janet Lambert's finest work. This 8 book collection includes:

Miss Tippy

Little Miss Atlas

Miss America

Don't Cry Little Girl

Rainbow After Rain

Welcome Home, Mrs. Jordon

A Song in Their Hearts

Here's Marny

These stories of Tippy and the wonderful Parrish family are extremely heartwarming and endearing. It is a delight for the reader to watch Tippy and her friends progress into adulthood and follow these beloved characters through both heartaches and wondrous revelations. As readers travel through the years with the Parrish family, they will find themselves with a warm and loving new family of their own. New unabridged softcover editions.
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